I am not in the business of blogging every day (smile).  But yesterday I was given a “gift” and I really didn’t want to wait to share it with you.  It’s this:

The only way to let go of anything is to let go with love.

At first when I heard this, I caught myself starting to laugh. “Hey,” I said, I like my anger sometimes! And how can you really let go with love when you’re so hurt? It sounds good, but …”

But as I thought about it, I realized that when I allow anger to enter in to any life equation – it actually prevents me from letting go and moving on.  S***, I hate admitting when I’m wrong! 🙂

Let’s be honest here, it takes a lot of tears, hard work, and introspection to break the chains of our childhood and what we think are our life mistakes.  But, when we actually “get over” something, we have a feeling of freedom and contentment as we look back on the transformation.  It’s an amazing experience.

When I realized I had to leave my last firm, I was angry.  I blamed others.  But, as I examined the situation, I realized that I got gifts from the experience (as painful as it was) and that fact helped me leave with love and a healthy frame of mind, not anger.

So too with a relationship.  We’re often angry when it is clear that divorce or a break-up is on the horizon. But, blaming our partner for what’s happening is more painful than letting go.

In those cases where I’ve been able to see my former partner as the sensitive, flawed human being I fell in love with – the person I knew once had the capacity to love me, and the person I knew was hurting too … I was able to let go without anger.  That simple action afforded me the joy of being able to love life again, to see the beauty in every experience, to be non-judgmental and open to something new.

Here’s the secret message to letting go with love:

No time spent in a relationship or a job or any other situation, is ever wasted.

It’s critical to remember that every experience is a lesson.  Every situation brings gifts.  And only when we learn the lesson and appreciate the gifts, can we move on to something better.  So, there’s no reason to beat ourselves up for “staying too long” or “wasting time” — because there’s just no such thing!

She was right.  The only real option to letting go is to do it with love.  As always (cue to my kids to roll their eyes) – All You Need Is Love!

Have a wonderful day!