Today I am finishing 5 weeks of exclusively testosterone children.  I now realize what I have to look forward to when my daughter goes to college:

1. Boys move very slowly:  When they are running bases or on the soccer field, they cruise.  When I say something like, “We need to leave now,”  I get – “I’m coming” (when they are not moving), “Why do we need to go out to eat?  Can’t you just go to the store, get food and make dinner for us?”  Or, they actually get up but move as slow as syrup (I would say as slow as a “turtle” but I actually think turtles move faster than they do sometimes).

2. Boys have a lot of extra body sounds, body odor and need for body space:  Enough said.

3. Boys really are pretty loving:  When my daughter is home, she is the loving one.  But with her gone, they really stepped it up.  I got a lot of hugs, “I love you,” and help with the things she just naturally does.  Thanks guys!

4. I’m going to miss her:  In fact, even the boys, this last week reported to me how much they missed their sister.  We’re going to have withdrawal when she goes to college. Friends, be prepared to bring over movies and Kleenex for us (wine for me!)!

5. My boys don’t eat the same weird food that I do:  When my daughter is here, she is willing to eat some of the foods I do – steel cut oats, gluten free this and that and other healthy options.  All I felt like all I made these last five weeks were burgers, tater tots, frozen waffles and every once in a while a protein shake!

6. Boys want to know “why” but don’t accept the answer:  I got so much of this I wanted to throw up. Here’s my thing: If you are going to ask “why” and I tell you, please don’t argue with me.  If you want a different result, put it in memo form and let me contemplate my options!  Don’t try to argue me to the ground … I’m a lawyer (and more importantly a mother!)!

So, as my boys head off to the cabin for a week and my daughter comes home tonight, I realize that having kids is a joyful (and exhausting) proposition, which I wouldn’t change for the world!

Have a fun start to your week!