While I’ve known for a bit, I wanted to wait until it was more “public” (sadly, FB is our “public” forum these days.).  And today on FB, I saw the most beautiful pictures of this young woman who has an unwelcome visitor.   Life is never what we expect.

Let me tell you a story:   When my boys started at their current school in kindergarten, they met lots of kids.  But there was one girl in particular that I remember from the very first day.  She had the most beautiful little girl smile and the most amazing eyes.  She was one of those kids you just know is special – with a big heart and an old soul.  Know what I mean?  I’ve got a few friends like that … when you meet them, you feel it.

My boys spent their first few years at this school and for financial reasons, I needed to pull them out. And, when I did, this young girl, her parents and some other fantastic kids and parents threw us a most wonderful good-bye party.  It felt like love.

Fast forward to their return three years later and what do you know, but the very first communication from anyone came from this girl.  An email saying welcome back.  I was right about her, wasn’t I?

Here we are – three more years have passed and this beautiful soul is going to fight an amazing fight against a stupid C.  I know she’ll be successful and will teach us all a lesson in living with grace.

Life is never what we expect.

The parents of this young woman – they, like all us mortals, have their own s*** (I know we all have it so let’s just admit it up front).  But, no matter what has happened or will happen – they put their kids first.  That is an amazing feat and it absolutely shows in their beautiful daughters.  

We try so hard, don’t we – to protect our children?  We pray that they will never get sick, never have an accident, never feel too much pain — but it’s not really our choice, is it?

Life is so, so messy.  It is sometimes so, so painful.  It matters not how much money or wisdom or stuff we have.  Our trials just come.  Often at the most inopportune time.  But they come.  And we manage.  And we learn.  And we continue to love one another.

P – I am sending you my energy – all the good stuff.  And, like all us parents – it’s unlimited.  To P’s parents – I cry with you.  I ask why with you.  And, I know you all will find a new level of strength and renewed feelings about life.

It really is never what we expect.

Hug your kids today.