I make up my own rules here and I suppose I can break them whenever I want.  You may know them already: 500 or less word count, no names, no politics, no religion (although that probably comes through anyway) and no work. So to those of you who love my rules, I’m sorry for stepping outside the box!

I read a FB post recently about the 911 attacks and I wanted to write about this deep feeling I have:

I will never understand the hatred, anger and evil I see in the world.

I’m talking about the kind of acts that have no reason, no discussion, just kill or hurt (physically and emotionally) – no questions asked.

We’ve seen this over and over again in history.  Hitler.  al-Qaeda.  ISIS.  We see it in our backyards – people killing people.  People killing their neighbors.  People destroying others lives.  It all gives me a serious heartache.  A really serious heartache.

But let me say this, in the same breath:

I truly believe good will always win over hatred.

And, every second of every day, there is something good happening – often without much notice, except maybe from the person they’re doing it for and sometimes not even that.

Many times in my life I’ve seen and heard of terrible things happening to good people.  John F. Kennedy.  All the innocent people killed when McVeigh blew up the Alfred P. Murrah building.  September 11.  All the children killed in schools.  Beheadings. Sometimes I cry reading about it all.

And, we give anger and hatred more attention than all the good things going on in this world, and the good things that people do.   Why?

There are people all over the world helping in poverty-stricken areas – sometimes risking their own lives.  There are people writing checks to help someone in need.  Or someone visiting senior citizen who is all alone.  There are cops and firefighters who go beyond the call of duty to save someone.

There is so much good in this world and just because the news media likes sensationalism much more than the thousands of wonderful, caring and selfless things people do every single day, doesn’t mean those kind of things aren’t going on all the time. They are.  We should read about them.  And they are things done by you!

I love our ability to do something good every day.  So, I’ve been thinking – Let’s challenge ourselves that for each terrible thing we hear about we’ll do two good things (can be big or small).  A doubling of good, so to speak.

Can you imagine the “damage” we can do with that mission?

Have a wonderful start to your day!