Life is full of problems.  Sometimes it feels like the more I solve, the more new ones come into my life.  Sometimes I can ignore them for a bit – but they always come back and need some kind of solution.  Sometimes the problems are mine.  Sometimes my kids.  And sometimes I see them in the lives of others.

I’m watching a friend with a big problem and I’ve tried to help him achieve some resolution.  But the response from my friend is the same as when I had to place my screaming child into a car seat when he/she wanted to run around the yard … it’s not happening!

Of course, some of our problems are disguised as problems but are really lessons.  I totally get that, as painful as it is during the process.  And sometimes there are no solutions — and maybe that’s when the problem is really not a problem to begin with.

One of my flaws (one of many) is that I want to help people.  This is especially true for those people I love.  Actually, this is likely my toughest job as a parent – to not help my kids all the time and to allow my kids to make mistakes.

The cool thing about problems is they actually help solve millions of other problems.  The woman who started M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) would never had started it had her daughter not been killed in an accident caused by a drunk driver.  Look how many lives her horrible tragedy has saved.

As it relates to my friend … I’ve got to let go of that one.  It’s not mine to begin with and even though I love this friend and want to help — if he’s not ready to solve it – then it must not be a big enough yet or maybe he just not ready to see it for what it is … an opportunity to change course.

Here’s the thing: Life really is something we can’t solve.  And since everyone has problems (it would be unnatural not to), it’s ok to admit it. And, it’s ok to ask for help.  And, it’s ok to solve a problem in a way that might not feel comfortable at the time.  Sometimes those are the ones with the most growth opportunity (I’m living, breathing proof of that!).

Life can’t be one smooth line from birth to death.  It is a line filled with curves and bumps and problems.  It comes with being alive and experiencing the world.   I’m going to embrace my problems as an opportunity to grow and learn in this crazy thing called life!  (thanks Prince!)

Have an amazing day!