My last 32 hours have been brutal (hence my not posting this morning).  But while my work day ended painfully, it also ended with a frank conversation that left me thinking – how can I be better today than I was yesterday?  Was today actually better than yesterday?

Yes, I’m constantly trying to grow and improve, but am I really leaving the past behind (I’m including yesterday as the past)?  Am I taking steps forward rather than walking (and looking) backwards?

I can easily get caught up in the status quo of my life.  And I can get stuck in the comfort of my “way” rather than looking at other options (which is so odd, because in my work life, I am exactly the opposite!).

This isn’t to say that things are falling apart, actually they’re not.  But am I really growing in the ways I want to grow?  Am I living my childhood rather than my future? Are my relationships (especially the tough ones) really moving forward?  Making progress?  Am I holding them and me back by looking at how the relationship was, rather than looking at what it (and I) can be?  Am I opening myself up to what the universe has to offer as opposed to staying closed and looking away?

Think about your marriage, your friendships? Do you judge them on the past or their potential in the future?

Look, I’m so far from perfect, it’s not even funny.  But have I set my bar too low for myself?  Have I just said, “you are good enough” as a way to avoid the hard work of growth (which is hard work, for sure!)?

For me, my best days are when I step outside myself (without fear), share my feelings and tell those I love, how much they mean to me (even when I’m super pissed at them!).  My best days are when I don’t judge myself and when I don’t make excuses.  They are when I act on those things that are important to me – outwardly act.  And, my best days are for sure after my kitchen is cleaned and the laundry is done (ok, I am human!).  🙂

So, my friends, I end my day back at the question: Was today better than yesterday? Was I better? Is my life just happening to me? Or, am I intentional about moving forward past yesterday to a better today?

Let’s choose to make the rest of our lives, the best of our lives.

Have a great night!