I’ve had some interesting “run-ins” the last few days.  At each moment, something was said, a phrase of sorts, a message – that left me wondering what it was supposed to mean to me.  Let me run through them.  I’ll leave the interpretation up to you:

1. Appreciation grows to respect, which grows to like, which easily (and beautifully) grows to love.  This was said to me by a woman who was talking about her former relationships (and giving me relationship advice 🙂 ).  In her first marriage, she didn’t have this.  With the  second – she has it in spades.  She said: “If you don’t have full respect from your partner – you have nothing – not even a friendship.  It comes in actions, not always words.” Hmm.

2. If you only do that which you are sure of the outcome, you will never get anything done – or get to where you want to go.  This was from a man I met recently. I asked about his fears and he said that his biggest one was getting stuck doing only those things he was sure about.  When he met his wife, the thought she was too nice to be with someone like him.  He took a chance at rejection.  Best fear he’s ever mastered.  My biggest fear?  Missing these messages.  Wow.

3. Pay attention on purpose, without judgment. My close friend sent this text message on a day when she knew I was swamped.  It reminded me to be present. And, as I’m typing this, I am conscious of my son playing his cello (beautiful), my other son talking with a friend, and my daughter quietly studying with the click of her ice in her water bottle.  I so appreciate life!

4. You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.  I was out having wine with someone and I asked him, how he knew he was in love the first time and he gave me this fantastic quote from (who else!) Dr. Seuss.  Love this!

5. Avoid the happiness leeches in your life.  Dump them. This from the grocery checkout woman at the carpeted grocery store — don’t ask how we got on this subject!

6. Good people attract good people.  I heard this from someone after I told him that I’d met some really incredible people in my life.  I hope it’s true.

7. As I’ve gotten older, the brain cells that were judgmental have been destroyed and ones filled with acceptance have taken their place.  I said this to a friend who was lamenting getting older (and I was espousing all the advantages!)

The take aways?  I’m not totally sure.  But as I continue my journey here, for however long I get, I want to remember that just one statement can change a life, a direction.  One word (“love”) can fill you up for  a lifetime.  Listen for your messages this week.

Have a great start to your week!