We’re supposed to love everything about being a mom.  And I’d venture to say that I do like most of it (not in the heat of the “moment” of course!).  But marketing to moms?  I suppose there’s a basis for that but let’s be careful about pegging us as moms rather than women!

This weekend I was looking through an unnamed catalog, when the statement: ‘Yoga Pants for Mom” caught my eye.  “Colored and Fun!”  Really?  Does that mean plain old women can’t wear them?  How about those who don’t have kids … not appropriate? If there are yoga pants for “moms,” I’m afraid to ask what their might be for lawyers … pin striped running shorts? Have you ever seen, trousers for “grandpa,” or blouses/bras/underwear for “grandma?”  Yikes!

Guess what marketers …I’m still a woman.  You’ve got stuff I want to buy, but unless I’ve got some specific need for my kids … then don’t add the “mom twist.”  Remember, just because I gave birth doesn’t mean I don’t like style.

How about the sites – “Quick Meals for Busy Moms!”  What does that mean?  If you’re not a mom, you’re not busy?  Some days I pretend I’m not a mom and I’m still busy.

Frankly, I’m feeling downgraded here.  What if I were a step-mom too?  Would there be special clothes for me?  Maybe more witchy looking?

Yes, I’m a mom.  I’m called “Mom” a million times a day (which is how often they need me to find lost clothing items).  But, if you’re going to quantify me by the carrying of one of these three in my womb … well, I’m not biting.  Plus, I’ve put that part behind me (literally and figuratively!).

I’m not buying the Mom Yoga Pants.  I’m too freaking tired to do yoga anyway!

Have a great day!