I’ve always held this belief that any problem can be solved. Actually, the grandiose idea that I can solve any problem. Unfortunately, with that philosophy, I’ve staying in situations too long and allowed myself to continue, thinking that eventually they or the problem will get “fixed.” Mistake no. 1678!

Some situations are there not for you to change them, but for you to change you. For you to let go of the need to change, fix or solve and realize it’s time to walk away.

Recently, I’ve been hit head on with this reality. It’s sobering. I’ve literally had a “friend” use every last piece of my energy and goodwill for his gain. I allowed it, however, because I thought it would be the effort needed to solve the problem. He allowed it because he needed the energy and didn’t care about the consequences.

But I was totally wrong that my efforts could change any thing. I’ve got to admit defeat, and, in the process, I need to thank him for this lesson.

When we lose ourselves by trying to solve a problem, we forget that the solution is simply to let go. To admit it’s not solvable. And maybe to realize that if it can’t be solved, it wasn’t worth it in the first place.

Think of the situations where you couldn’t let go. Where you thought you could for sure fix it/make it better. Let’s remember friends, that if we have to work that hard at something, it wasn’t meant to be. And likely was S@&$ in the first place!

So, I’ve really got to thank the taker of my good will. He taught me that real relationships and situations are not those that are painful or one sided. Those are the situations that can’t be fixed and rather than throw away good energy at something that won’t change, we should save it for those situations where it will really make a difference. And we know those situations are right in front of us!

Have a great Sunday!