In a rare moment for me, I got sick.  Not just a runny nose — really sick.  Down for the count sick.  So, not like me.  I think it was a bit of stress coupled with the woman sneezing right in my face on the plane last week (the guy next to us put on a face mask … why didn’t I plan for that??).

Being sick gave me an opportunity to have some down time.  And, other than my hacking “smoker’s” cough – some quiet time.

The other night, the kids were studying and I was sitting in my favorite chair, where I usually do work (or fall asleep).  I had the window cracked open (as I seem to do all the time now).  At that moment, I decided to put my computer down and do nothing.  I didn’t get up and eat (do that often).  I didn’t offer to make food for everyone (do that all the time).  I didn’t make a cup of tea or go to the bathroom or even surf the net.  I just sat there.  And, here’s what happened:

  • I heard the rustle of the wind in the tree leaves and them gently falling to the ground.
  • I heard the chipmunk (which has been pissing me off lately) scurrying around on the patio.
  • I could hear the quiet beat of the music each kid was listening to as they did their homework.
  • I heard their sighs.
  • I heard the gentle conversations they have amongst themselves (which I often get in the middle of).
  • I heard the clock ticking and my heart beating.

These are all things I’ve heard before.  But, this time I heard them and felt them.  I felt them way down into my being.  It was five minutes of the most amazing meditation and I didn’t need a mantra.

Friends, life is passing us by.  Seriously.  How often are you taking  a moment to hear the breath of your children?  The sound of the world outside your window?  Are you taking care of the inside of you?  Is there any quiet time in your life?

If I had to choose the most important life lesson from doing nothing, it’s this:

There is nothing quite so comforting, quite so embracing, or quite so beautifully peaceful as a moment of quiet.  We can remember the past, we can create tomorrow –  but we can only live in the moment.

Have an amazing day everyone!