When everything is flowing the way we think it should, we think we’re living in harmony with the universe. But when things aren’t going well we think that the world is not fair.  We’re angry, frustrated and wonder, “Why me?”  Yet, here’s the thing: when you lose the job you thought was so great or the relationship you thought you would have forever ends, it’s important to listen to what is happening and actually experience it rather than just avoid the pain.

It’s in those moments that we’re supposed to take the time to explore our feelings and experience the moment.  But we often try to avoid the pain by doing other things — like shopping, eating, drinking or justifying the pain by saying,”Well, it was just meant to be.”  And maybe this latter statement is true. But if we don’t look at our perceived failures or the pain that comes from just being in this world, we’ll have a hard time getting closer to who we really are or want to be.

Failure is a subjective term. If we have very rigid ideas of what it means to succeed, we will be disappointed.  One thing I know for sure:  nothing is certain and there will be failure.

Plus, I think there’s value in failure.  As the Dalai Lama said, “Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”  I certainly think this is true for me given my recent “failures.”

There are many statistics about companies that eventually succeeded after abundant failures.  This is also true for personal success.  Coming back from a disappointment and moving forward will always bring joy and a sense of satisfaction … really of success.

Let’s be empowered, not paralyzed, by failure.  Those “failures” are an opportunity to see deeper into ourselves.  My difficulties have always brought pain and sorrow and growth and color and joy to my life.

Friends, I think this is the grace of our existence.  The ability to make mistakes, experience pain and difficulty and try it all over again.  I’m embracing my failures right now.  And I’ve got a lot of them!  I hope you can embrace yours too.

Have a great day!