I was with some friends this weekend – the kind of friends who support you, all the time, and call you on your s*** when you need them to (lovingly of course!).  We were talking about the changes we’re all experiencing in our lives and this question came up:

If you could define yourself in one word – one word that when you die, people use to describe you – what would it be?

Wow! There are so many words.  What if part of our life was defined by one word and part by another word?  How about this:  What if you picked a word but you didn’t think your life lived up to that word yet?  Or what if your word for you was different from the word someone else might choose for you?  Does that mean that your word is “wrong?”  (Hey, Jess – don’t make this more complicated than it is. Pick a freaking word!)

Actually, my word came to me right away (and my friends picked that same one for me too), but I’m afraid that I don’t always live up to that word.  When I’m hurt by a person or a situation, I know I don’t live that word.  When I see bad things happening to others, I sometimes forget my word.  In fact, sometimes I hide my word (which I really could also call my “true self”) out for fear that it doesn’t totally fit my profession or that I might not be accepted.

Within each of us is the capacity to be generous or selfish, understanding or harsh, loving or unloving.  Sometimes we (read: me) can be all of these things in one day (or even one hour!).  We are entitled to make mistakes.  To not be perfect.  Some days we just can’t be on the “path.”  Life can be super messy that way.

But friends, we really do choose what aspects of our character we want to support and develop. We decide the word that will be our lasting legacy.  And the really cool thing about it?  You can live the life you want to live – even if you haven’t thus far.  And, even if you didn’t do it this weekend!  How amazing is that?

Think about it.  What’s your word?

Have a fantastic day!  🙂