Yes, I know – appreciate the time you have with them.  Enjoy it before it’s gone.  But if you have teenagers, chances are they’re driving you crazy.  Well … mine are.  So many stupid moves, stupid statements, and attempts to just piss me off.  I’m DONE!  I’ve decided – why should they have all the fun?  Why can’t I find some ways to piss them off?

1. I’m going to talk like a text message.  It seems like it’ll be easier to say IDK instead of explaining all of my reasoning on things.  I’m tired of justifying my decisions. So from now on, I’m going to respond to their cries, “Why?”  with “IDK.”  Or I might even try this: “WDYWFD” rather than asking them “What Do You Want For Dinner.”  Or maybe I’ll just put some cold food on the table and say “Hashtag Dinner,” and see what happens!

2. I’m going to friend them and their friends on all social media sites.  And as a bonus, I’m going to start responding to their posts … things like, “Love you Honey!”  “Cute outfit!.”  “Love that selfie!”

3.  I’m going to be on social media sites so much that I’m not going to look up any more and certainly not make eye contact with them.  When I go to the bathroom, I’ll tweet about it. Doing laundry?  Tweet.  Need them to take out the garbage?  #Garbage Now.

4. I’m going to start singing in the car with the windows down when I pick them up from practice/school/etc.  Won’t they just love my awesome singing?!

5. When they need something I’m going to say, “Just a minute, let me finish this game.”  I’ll have to find a game but I think I’m capable of that.  Any suggestions?

6. I’m going to start mixing the colors of my clothes, hat and gloves when I go out in public with them.  Isn’t this the season to wear red and green?  I got some cool bunny slippers that I can drive in.  Why not look insane?  They think I am anyway.

So, I’m not sure if this will help the total chaos in my house.  But at least I’ll have some fun and be wearing comfortable clothes doing so.  I better up my data plan!

Have a great day!