Today while working out, I was talking with a friend about signs. And for me, three times a charm – this was the third conversation on this topic this week.  I  can’t tell you how many times something happens to me three times in a row (I’m excluding speeding tickets here!).  And the “signs” – well, they’re never exactly alike.  I even think the person I had the conversation with today was a sign.

I must admit that I’m not always the best at reading signs.  It’s not so much that I don’t see them.  It’s that I often refuse to recognize and act on them.  In fact, some of you know that I went years (and years) ignoring signs (some actually screaming at me) until I finally hit bottom, opened my eyes and saw it right in front of me – as if for the first time (despite the 2 billion I missed).

Why do we ignore signs? Is it our lack of trust?  Do we think we’re smarter than the signs?  If you’re like me (a pedestrian at life), I just hate change and those signs usually mean change.

All I know is this  – when you’re wondering what direction to go or why you are having certain experiences you can get a sign, if you want …

1. Be clear on where you need guidance.  Ask yourself the question, “Do I really need help?  If so, what guidance do I need or am I ok right now?”  I often ask for guidance but it’s in desperation.  Wrong way to do it.

2. Release it to the universe.  Don’t brood over it.  Send it off and trust that something will happen and it will be heard — somehow. It will.  I promise you.

3. Be in the present moment.  Be in tune. Whether when you’re alone, or with your partner, children or even a stranger (so important!).  You have to be engaged in the actual moment, not engaged in your mind.

4. Be open.  Most of my signs come when my eyes are open.  Maybe that’s why I have so many experiences with people.  I literally walk with my eyes open.  In fact (as weird as this might sound), when I’m in the skyway, or the gas station or even the coffee shop (!), I try to look at people, not my phone, and be totally open!

I’m thankful that whatever/whomever sent me the 2 billion signs, which I ignored, still likes me and is still sending me messages. I sometimes cry thinking about how many I brushed off.  I must not have been ready.  Life.

I like to think of signs as guideposts of what choices to make. All we need to see the signs is just plain curiosity about life and a willingness to look at the world in a way different from that which we think is “right.”

Keep your eyes open and have a great rest of your weekend!