We spend a lot of our lives in the same way.  Not wanting to make changes.  Allowing things to just happen to us, rather than us happening to life.

As a kid, I hated routines.  I loved constant change and excitement.  As an adult, I don’t so much mind things staying the same – less drama.  But what I’ve recently discovered is that it doesn’t matter if your life is full of change, drama or just stays the same.  It doesn’t matter if you’re not exactly where you want to be.  Because no matter what you do or where you are – your life is already is beautiful.  Just open your eyes and you’ll see things differently.

I think we can likely agree that every day is a miracle and every day we are surrounded by miracles.  We just don’t recognize them because they enter our lives so quietly and effortlessly.  But, beauty is everywhere.

A friend recently asked me how I see and experience the things and people that I do.  I stumbled for an answer and all I could say was that I keep my eyes, ears and heart open.  It’s my form of mindfulness.

For example, I don’t walk around with my headphones in.  It prevents me from listening to what’s around me.  A bird chirping, people talking, the world happening.  I’ve also tried to eliminate my mind chatter (well most of the time).  Why talk with myself? I really make a point of trying to listen when people are talking with me.  When my mind drifts (and it will) I quickly bring it back.

I try to be generous.  But, generosity requires trust.  We have to believe in the person or in the notion of the person, in order to invest ourselves.  I find that generous people are optimistic. And optimistic people are happy because they choose to live in a world where they give without requiring anything back.  This isn’t always possible – we’re human.  But, even when I’m not being treated as I think I should – I still try to give my energy and love.  I know that there’ll be a lesson for me, albeit painful at times.

I really try not to judge.  I spent many years with someone who judged others.  It was frustrating and it frankly makes me unhappy to be with judgmental people.

I guess what I’m saying is let’s try to be a bit more present.  Let’s live our lives with the integrity.  Let’s not put money or objects (or fear) in front of people.  Let’s not allow one more second to pass without acknowledging the miracle of being here – as short or as long as we get.  It’s not perfect, but it’s what we’ve got.

Be open and see things (even one thing) differently today.

Have an amazing day!