The Difference

Funny, right?  She’s thin but sees fat.  He’s fat but sees a body builder.  The theme here is we don’t see ourselves.  We see something else.

While a coincidence, (Valentine’s Day and a the release of a movie which harms a woman’s self-image) – we’ve got a new mantra in our house – Love Yourself!

It’s our mantra because almost no one likes what they see when they look in the mirror.  I know that this is less true for men than women but it really affects us all – whether you are the spouse of someone who feels this way, a parent of someone who feels this way or (quite likely) you feel this way.  We need to start loving who we are inside!  Perfect or not, what’s on the outside is the body we’ve got and we need to give it support, love and acceptance.  When we love it – it becomes lovable.

So, in keeping with our family quest to learn to love what we have, here are the  things we’re trying to practice (and say) at home:

1. Our Body Is Our Best Friend.  Our body is our faithful servant.  It tries to do almost anything we ask of it.  Yes, we’re limited by genetics, how we feel emotionally and our environment.  But, it still tries, no matter what and it’s all we have.  So treat it as if it was your best friend.  Love it up whenever you can. Your body is amazing just as it is!

2. Stand Up Tall.  My father used to drive me crazy with the posture thing!  But, let’s be honest, we all have a roll around the middle if we’re slouching.   When you stand tall and proud you have a certain attitude.  You send a message to others and most importantly to you, that you’re beautiful (and you are!).  Be proud.  Stand tall!

3. Feed Your Body.  Yes, you can feed your body just soda and chips and it will still try to make it on that.  But is that how you want to feed that which you love?  If you give it beautiful food, it will feel beautiful.  Try it for one day and see how you feel!  (P.S.  dark chocolate is beautiful food!)

4. Work Out. No brainer. A brisk walk is perfect.  Love the endorphins!

5. Say It Out Loud.   It’s an art, but if you can turn those negative thoughts into positive ones, it will show on the outside and you’ll be amazed at how many people you’ll attract who need that same positive energy in their life!

Let’s make peace with our bodies. Let’s stop trying to change the outside.  And, for sure let’s enjoy the inevitable changes as we get older.    I promise – when you start loving and nurturing YOU (and surround yourself with those who love the inside too!) – you will see a wonderful transformation when you look in the mirror.

Have an amazing (and very loving) weekend.