There are days when there’s just no way I can write about the people I meet.  And, likely this is one of them.  But, I’m going to write about this guy anyway.  I’m 110% sure he won’t read my blog.

Yesterday, I needed propane for our grill.  So, I took the container over to our local gas station.  Last time I did this (at the same gas station), I met a woman who was .25 cents short for a lottery ticket.  I gave it to her.  Hey, maybe she’d win and on TV she’d announce that she won because of the woman who gave her .25 cents!  The time before that, there was a fight at the pumps between two guys.  It required the police be called.  That wasn’t so interesting.

But this guy, he tops them all.  So, as I’m waiting in line, he asks if he can sneak in front of me, “I’m in a big hurry,” he says.  “Sure,” I say.  I think, what does it matter to me?  I’ve only got to run 4 more errands and pick up two boys, go to a meeting, cook and clean up dinner, take a call with a client and meet someone later for a drink.  Yea, I’ve got all the time in the world.

He gets in front of me and proceeds to ask for a few cigars.  He’s also got one of those massive drinks with more liquid than one could pee in a day.  After the clerk rings him up, he gives him the change – a dollar bill.  The customer (a tall guy – about 250), looks at the cashier (a big guy with tattoos up and down both arms and his ear lobes) and says, “Can I get this dollar in quarters?”  The cashier says, “Buddy, if it’s for the air machine outside, it’s free now.”   In a hurried voice the customer says, “I need the quarters for a condom.”

Frankly, I’m not sure what to do at this point.  Should I give him as many quarters as I have so he can buy extras?  Should I say, “Hey man, at least someone’s getting action!”  I say nothing.  I watch as the cashier gives him the quarters and the guy runs to the bathroom.

I say to the cashier, “I really can’t beat that.  I just want some chocolate and propane.”  The cashier shakes his head and says,” Sister, you have no idea the s*** I hear every day.”  By this point the guy’s sprinting out of the bathroom, out the door and into his car – where I can see a woman sitting in the front seat.

What’s the message here?  I’m really not sure. Is it that we should keep a lot of quarters in our cars, just in case?  Or, that warm weather brings new activities?  Or, maybe that we should be thankful people are using condoms!  🙂

Regardless, I hope you have a fun Monday!!!