I used to ask this question about relationships – Am I passionate about this person?  I don’t mean sex (although that’s critically important!).  I mean am I passionate about who the person is? Am I in partnership that I value and that values me?

Now I also ask this question about my life.

  • What are you passionate about?
  • Is your life pointed in the direction of your passion?
  • Are the people in your life supportive of who you are as a person?

Someone I know recently passed away and at her funeral it was clear she lived her passion.  And, while I sat there, I thought – it’s hard enough to find our passion.  It’s got to be even harder to follow it, which often requires a total leap of faith.  So, rather than continuing to wonder about my direction, I did a few things:

1. I  slowed down.

When we slow down, we’re able to tap into the best version of ourselves. This is where our answers are.  Sometimes I go too fast because I don’t want to think and if I keep moving, I don’t have to.  But, that’s not good long-term – right?

2. I changed my tape.

We all play tapes about who we are, what we’re capable of and what we deserve.  Most of this is self-limiting like: “I’m not good enough” or “This is this is the best I can do.”  It’s pretty hard to change a tape but when I started to acknowledge the negative ones, I could at least hear and acknowledge their negativity.

3. I decided I was Ok.

I used to have a hard time accepting my “unique” blend of strengths, skills, flaws and wisdom.  But we are perfect the way we are.  Remind your children of this – no matter how old they are.

4. I thought about creating affirmations.

I have to be honest – I’ve not done this yet.  But, every thing I’ve read suggests doing this (so, what’s my freaking problem here?).   Try it and let me know how it goes!

5. I decided to have more fun.

I make a conscious effort to laugh and smile more.  It has definitely helped me feel better.  And, that’s got to be the right direction!

6. I (tried to) ignore my fear.

I used to say that I’ll do _____ when I have more money, more time or more …. .  Do it now.  I found these were just excuses to avoid fear or commitment.  Excuses are limiting – push them away to move forward.

So ask yourself the question about passion.  Take the time to think about it.  It warrants and deserves your attention.  After all, in the end we all want to be able to say:

I chose to and lived a life I was passionate about.

Have an amazing day!