The one thing that we know for sure about life is that time keeps moving.  Every time we want it to stand still, to bask in whatever the feeling — love, joy, peace — it doesn’t.  And, not only that – but there are moments, fleeting seconds, where you make decisions that will forever change your world.  I’ve got a story to tell you about that:

When we were trying to get pregnant – I couldn’t.  It was not going to happen the romantic and easy way.  Nope.  All my friends were getting pregnant and I looked like a junkie with marks all over my arms from blood draws, injections, etc.  It took me awhile, but eventually I realized that getting pregnant was only going to happen with doctors, shots and medication.  It was an extremely stressful time of my life.

There was one cycle, where I went through all the hoops – the injections and all the appointments and when it was time to decide if we should finish it off we went to consult with the doctor.  “No,” he told us.  “The cycle wasn’t a good one and you’re not likely to get pregnant.  Just scrap it and you can start the next one quicker.”  I felt like a truck had hit me. Start all over?  I was getting older by the minute.

Yet, sitting in that office, I felt a gentle nudge.  Something told me to move forward – to finish the cycle.  So, I quietly told the doctor that contrary to his direction, I just wanted to keep going and see what might happen.

And that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made — she was destined to join my life at that moment.

Now, here I am, 18 years later.  My life forever changed and crying whenever I realize how quickly the ticks of my clock are moving.  How did you get to be an adult?

Dear Lovie girl: Thank you for being with me.  For allowing me to teach you and for all the teaching you’ve done for me.  You are a beautiful and old soul.  Thank you for being an amazing sister.  Your brothers know how lucky they are and I know you can feel their love.  I’m thankful for the relationship you all have.

I am amazed at your passion, your beauty (inside and out), your resilience, humor and your ability to give love and joy to anyone you meet.  You have gone your own path but you’ve done it with grace and focus.  I smile just thinking about you.

To my friends, you know what I mean, right?  That deep feeling you have inside your heart when you think of your children.  It doesn’t matter if they’re biological or not or if it’s their birthday or not.  That heart feeling — it’s there all the time.

So  Happy Happy 18th Lovie!  We love you.  We really, really love you.  And, we’re so grateful that you’re in our lives.  On Wisconsin!!!