I was with someone this weekend (older than me – but not by much!) and he asked me if I knew who Mr. Greenjeans was.  Wow, talk about taking me back in time (of course I do, I’m over 50!).

So, as a little game (with wine!), we came up with a list of what defines being a 50-something (we chose not to address body ailments, sex, loss of hair or weight!).

Your first Barbie doll did not have bendable legs.

The Monkees.

You know what a slide rule is (calculators was considered cheating).

You know about “old math” and “new math.”

You know who Dick, Jane, Sally, and Puff are.

You know all the words to “Hotel California” (We knew all the words, but had no idea what they mean)

You inhaled (shhh).

You remember paying 5 cents for a full size candy bar (g-d knows why we stole them when they were so cheap!).

You had milk delivered to the back door.

People hung clothes outside and then had to iron everything.

You listened to AM radio. No one listened to FM.

We would order clothes from the Sears catalogue.  The boxes came to the door and the bill came in the mail. 

Aluminum Christmas tree (now available at antique stores at the price of a new home!)

Shopping at Woolworth’s or Ben Franklin.  What the h*** was a Mall?

“Wonder Bread builds strong bodies twelve ways.”

You used telephone booths with closable doors.

You popped popcorn at home then put it in a large brown paper grocery bag and took it to the drive-in.

A horse is a horse, of course, of course
And no one can talk to a horse, of course
Unless, of course, the name of the horse
Is the famous Mr. Ed!

Ahh, the memories!  Got any of your own?

Have a great Monday!