What was I thinking that I could get some “me” time?  I suppose the result was to be expected.  

Yesterday, after coffee with my dad and a quick run through the grocery store, I decided to swing by my favorite coffee shop (with big chairs) to finish up a book I’ve been reading.  I ordered an unsweetened iced tea and sunk down in my chair with my baseball cap well over my face.  It had a nondescript “LB” on it (which means nothing to most).  I was so interested in being alone that I didn’t even put on my Packer cap – which might spur conversation with a stranger!

The chair next to me was empty.  I quietly put my purse there so no one would sit next to me (ok, maybe not my nicest move, but I really just wanted a few minutes alone!).

I saw him come in (I know, supposed to be reading my book).  He looked familiar but maybe not.  Who cares … I’m reading!

“Is LB, Laguna Beach?” he says.  I slowly look up.  “Yup,” I quip.  I want to be clear that this is not going to be a conversation.  “I love Laguna Beach,” he says.  “It’s the best people watching of any warm city.”  I just smile.  I don’t want to talk.

He asks if anyone’s sitting next to me. I want to scream – YES, but I say no and move my purse.  I close my book.  Obviously, this is not going to be “me” time.

Turns out, I’d never met this person before.  He wanted to chat about something (and I didn’t), so I said very little and he said a lot.

But, what he said isn’t the topic of today’s blog.  The topic is a reminder about life’s “disruptions:”

Life has a lot of unplanned changes and lately I’ve been experiencing them.  You know that sense of unrest I’m talking about?  That feeling of being like a dog chasing their own tail.  I’m a believer in “to-do” list, I plan my meals, I write my blog, I get my work done, kids fed, and enjoy my social life.  But lately my days were ending with that dull feeling of not really completing my tasks.  Of too many distractions, things getting in the way … of failed accomplishment.

As he spoke, I realized that even when life feels interrupted, blemished and haggard, it really is exactly how it’s supposed to be.  It’s beautifully flawed in the most perfect of imperfect ways.  This guy, who was “disturbing” my time, was really giving me an opportunity to remind my selfish self that life has been graciously given to me and I should put some reins on my perfectionist ways.  To be present when someone wants to talk. And to just enjoy life’s disruptions – no matter when they come.   So, I quieted my mind and listened to him.  I never finished my book.

Friends, enjoy your own distractions this week.  At least we’re around to have them.