Sometimes I hesitate to write about my experiences until they’ve “settled” in my mind.  This one took place a few weeks back and my reaction threw me. So, I told no one, until recently.  And, now I’m telling you.

One afternoon I was driving on a service road a few miles from home – it’s a single lane road and as I came around the bend, I had to completely stop.  Not because of a red light – but because five police cars were blocking the road and had surrounded a black SUV.  Literally all five cars had the doors open and police officers with their guns pointed at a guy who had just stepped out of the car. “Put your hands up.”  “Lift your shirt.”  “Turn around.”  “Get on your knees.” “Hands above your head at all times.”  I was maybe two car lengths away and heard every word.

Some time during the yelling of orders, I found myself crying.  No, sobbing.  I’m frankly tired of this sobbing stuff and I’ve really got to toughen up.  I read somewhere that if I pinch myself hard enough each time I want to cry, I’ll eliminate the “want.”  Anyway, I wasn’t sure why I was so upset — I just knew I was.

Once they got him in the car and drove away, I was able to leave.  WTF, Jessica.  This guy likely did SOMETHING, for there to be five police cars.  Get a grip.  I left just exhausted and wondering if menopause had taken over my entire brain!

Yesterday, I was recounting the story for someone and I broke down again.  S***!  Then, it hit me — I felt awful that he was losing his freedom.  I mean really awful.

We take for granted our freedom and the ability to move about as we wish.  To drive, to buy, to drink, and to eat.  We forget that there are people all over the world, who are imprisoned in jails, or even in their own country.  People who are trapped in abusive relationships.  And, I know that watching someone you love go to jail  … Well, it pretty much ranks up there in the top 5 hideous life experiences.

But even more so than losing his freedom, this was someone’s baby.  Someone once held him.  Kissed him all over his face and tickled his toes.  This was someone who went the wrong way and couldn’t recalibrate.  This was the end (for now) of physically touching his family and having the warm summer breeze on his face.

It’s highly likely that this guy did something wrong.  But, I’ve really nothing here to explain my tears other than “appreciation.”  Friends, let’s be thankful that we’ve not gone a way that could result in that kind of outcome.  Let’s appreciate our bed and warm blankets.  And, let’s not take for granted that we can touch the ones we love anytime.

Life is fragile and in a second – with one decision – it can completely change.  Let’s enjoy each second today.