I’ve had a big “spot” on my window for a week now.  I’ve done nothing.  I don’t normally sit on that side and it’s not bothering me.  But, it’s bothering the people in my car.  The other day it rained pretty hard and I figured that would be the end of the “spot.”  I thought that I could get by with doing nothing and it would go away. I was wrong and the big white spot is still there.

The “spot” on my car is not all that dissimilar from our lives – or maybe my life (I don’t want to be presumptuous by saying you have poop on your car or in your life!).  I’ve been very good at just ignoring the junk in my life rather than cleaning it up.  Know what I mean?

Sometimes we allow things to happen to us rather than being proactive.  We don’t protect ourselves from the junk and negativity that influence our mood, energy levels, health and behavior.  Have you ever noticed that when you’re in those relationships that drain you, that you’re never really yourself?  That you act in ways that don’t feel like “you?”  That’s a sure sign that you’ve turned over your power to them and allowed someone to take over your world (or view of your world).

It’s important to put taking care of yourself first.  It’s the old adage, put on your oxygen mask before you put on your kids’ mask.  Don’t let the junk stay in your life just because you think it’s easier to do nothing than do something.  Be proactive at using your positive energy to ensure you feel good about your direction rather than letting someone else’s “stuff” choose your direction. My life changes are a perfect example of how I let my life happen to me for many years rather than directing it myself.  And now – the changes – well, they are almost unbelievable!

So, rather than let that “bird” control the views from my car window, I’m heading out to get it washed.  I guess it’s my way of continuing to take control of the views from my world.

Have a great weekend everyone!