On two different occasions, I met two different women.  The first I met at the health club almost two years ago.  She had the warmest and calmest feeling about her.  She told me the story of the love of her life – her husband.  He was an amazing man, father, doctor and partner.  He died suddenly of a heart attack about 8 years ago.  In a split second, that life was over.

About four months ago, I met another woman.  She was with a group I was out to dinner with.  She’d been married for years to a man I knew.  He was not a nice person.  He had many addictions, including other women, and it all happened right in front of her.  He treated her badly for years and we all wondered how she stayed for so long.  When he died (of too much of his life), that lifetime was over for her.

As we left dinner, she told me that she’d met a man.  She was having so much passion (with a capital P!), lots of sex and so much fun that she eventually sold her house and moved in with him. She was giddy as a schoolgirl and you couldn’t help but feel the same way for her.

Sometime after meeting the second woman, I was at the health club talking to woman No. 1, who mentioned to me that she’d met someone new too  And, while they still have their separate homes and separate lives, they travel together, spend time with friends and genuinely enjoy being together. A different kind of passion than the second woman.

As No. 1 was talking to me she said, “Hey, I heard you met my sister at dinner a few months back.  And, she told you about her new boyfriend!  She said you were lovely to listen to her entire story.”   OMG! These two women were sisters?  I had no freaking idea.

Isn’t life amazing?  One’s years of suffering was met with the joy of a fulfilling relationship – just what she missed all those years she endured such a narcissistic relationship.  The other’s wonderful and first (likely only) marriage was not replaced but enhanced by her new partner.

I guess life is about trust.  And, trust is about being afraid and moving forward anyway. Trust is believing that it will work out before you see the evidence.

I’m always surprised (and comforted) that when I am in the middle of darkness and have no idea how life will turn out – simply having trust and a vision for my life will give me freedom from my fear of the unknown.  

I’m so happy for these two women.  How amazing that they both found the love they each needed – in the way they needed.  I think I’ll add a bit of blind trust to my life and see what happens.  One never knows what might turn up!

Have a great weekend!