Someone told me about this phrase recently – never heard of it – and I wanted to share it with you. Cosmic sweetness are those moments of sincere gratitude.  That hug, which for a split second takes you to another place. Or, that beautiful sunset that no matter how many pictures you take, it doesn’t describe the feeling you have inside.  It’s that moment when you feel the grace of just being here.

Life gives us every reason to be negative.  There’s always some insanity going on.  But let’s be honest – there’s always something to be grateful for.  These beautiful happenings – these moments of cosmic sweetness – can make a day completely different.  These moments allow us to move away from whatever painful events we’re experiencing and feel blessed for what we do have.

Here are some moments of cosmic sweetness we can all experience:

1. The moment when we find ourselves comfortable in our own shoes.  We’re all weird in some way. What seems weird (our imperfections) is often what makes us so incredible to others. Love yourself.

2. The moment you realize you can listen to your inner voice. Sometimes our mind needs more time to accept what our heart already knows. I found myself a witness to my thoughts the other day, not a judge. It was wonderful.

3. The moment you make a difference in someone’s life. Last week I helped a woman up off the ground after she tripped.  Her hug afterwards reached my soul.

4.  When you realize that the thing you were most the afraid of was just negative talk.  There’s glory in conquering fear.  Fear is a feeling, not a fact.

5. The moment when you actually let go of something. You never lose something good by hanging on.  You only lose that which you didn’t need.

6. That moment when you realize that a particular relationship makes you a better person.  Surround yourself with people who make you better and cherish every moment of your time together.  Someday you’ll be just a memory. Do your best to be a great one.

7. The feeling of true love. True love is not about how many days, months or years you’ve been with someone. True love is about how much you actually love each other every day.

8. The moment of a new beginning.  Every ending is the beginning of something else. Every exit is an entry somewhere else. As long as you are breathing, it’s never too late. Every day is a new opportunity.

9. The moment.  However it happens, becoming and being a mother or father is discovering strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you never knew existed.  There are moments of cosmic sweetness written all over parenthood.

10. The second we realize that WE create our own happiness.  Someday we will miss today.  So, be busy enjoying the cosmic sweetness of today.  And when you do, you’ll have no time for negative self-talk, hate, regret or fear.

Have an amazing one!