I’ve ripped a few band aids off this year – left the comfort of a firm to start my own business, left a relationship, and saw my first-born off to college.  So what have I learned (other than to make sure I have Kleenex in the car)?

It’s going to hurt. When we make changes, they can physically hurt.  Sometimes our body aches.  Today, I just wanted to hold her and hug her like I did when she was little.  It hurt, but eventually I had to let go.  Life is just that – a series of “letting gos.”  Life.  Painful, beautiful and often messy.

Embrace the positive.  Change is change.  Watching my child transform into a confident adult has been exhilarating. But, it’s a reset button for me, too.  When someone in your life moves on or even when you move you, it allows you the time to devote yourself to your life and usually something even more positive.  This change will definitely leave me with less laundry!

Don’t rush to the next thing.  A couple of my life changes needed months of thought and planning.  So, once they occurred – I thought of rushing into the next thing.  But, there’s no need to jump right away.  Take time.  When you do, the next right thing will happen.  Feel the difference.   To my lovely daughter  – so nice of you to leave an unmade bed.  I think I’ll keep it that way for a few days! 🙂

You’ll grow as a person, but you’re still the same. Going through a change, especially one that’s traumatic, changes you forever. It changes how you see life and deal with things.  Just know that when these changes occur, you’re never going to be the same again and that’s ok.. Continue to ask yourself, “What am I supposed to learn from this?” “How can I grow?” “How will I become a better person because of this?”  Change brings a stronger and better version of you.  Yet, let’s remember that any change on the outside will not change the core of who you are as a person. You get to keep that forever.

We can adapt to anything.  Our ability to adapt is amazing and we naturally find ways to solve our problems. Those who cannot grow and change are inwardly centered and have convinced themselves that they need not change.  If you believe that you can adapt and change, then you will – no matter what the challenge.

So, I came home to an empty house (boys at a soccer overnight) – and I’m enjoying this space for the oh-so-brief moment with a nice big bowl of ice cream and my favorite movie! Next up?  Another life change.  Isn’t it what keeps us paying attention?  🙂

Have a great weekend!