It may sound weird, as do a few things in my life, but I’ve received my fair share of anonymous gifts over the years.  When my best friend died (I was in my 20’s) someone sent me a book.  No return address.  Not from a city I knew anyone in.  It spoke to me from the day I opened the cover.

On Friday, a friend gave me some news.  I want to say it was not good news, but I think it will end up being the right news.  Do you know what I mean?

In any case, when I got home that night, I walked to my bookcase and pulled the book off the self. I’ve not looked at it in years but for some reason it was time.  It think we all need its messages:

Wherever you are at this very moment is exactly where you are supposed to be, no matter how things seem to appear. When you know you’ve done the best you can, then you should applaud yourself.   Even when your best may look like failure to someone else.  Your best will never be failure.

There’s no prescribed way to be.  There’s just your way for now until you choose another way.  Sometimes it takes great effort and some pain to realize that true love is not always perfect but it really is meant to feel effortless and deep inside you.

I promise that it’s okay to not feel okay right now. You know why? Because even when life doesn’t feel like it’s working, it’s actually working perfectly.   And, you can experience pain, joy, anger, frustration and peace all at the same time and still be perfectly sane!

The pain and sadness will eventually subside when you release what needs to be free.  Whether it’s a person, a thought, an action or an inaction.

When we get out of our own way – the right way is right in front of us.

Just know this: we are not and should not be judged by what’s in our life.  Not by the stuff or the job or the degrees or titles.  We’re judged by what’s inside.  And, if what’s inside is about love and treating others with the care that all human beings deserve – then we’re home.

We’re only as strong and as healthy as the amount of self-love, self-acceptance, self-care and self-forgiveness we give to ourselves.  Because the only real healing power in this world, even when it’s time to leave here – is Love.

So, my beautiful friend, this is the right path.  Keep walking. Stop sometimes and feel whatever you want to feel.  Run sometimes and you will experience the glorious wind in your face.  We are here to cheer you on.  You are enough.

To my amazing friends and readers – we’re in a time of the changing seasons and introspection.  Look around – love is everywhere.  And while our paths are ever-changing – they are the right paths.

Have a wonderful day!