You can’t go wrong in life if you follow this rule. Hold doors for people. Be respectful.  

2. Take care of your life.

Do laundry, dishes and make food.  Use soap and toothpaste.  Stay healthy. Respect yourself.  You won’t regret it and neither will the women in your life.

3. Watch the pictures.

Taking pictures of your (or her) body parts isn’t ok.  If you don’t want grandpa to see what you’re doing don’t do it.  I promise someone will find it someday.

4. Sex should be respectful.

What you see on TV isn’t respectful treatment of women.  Sex is about love and trust.  Without it you might have fun once or twice but there won’t be anything long-term.

I’m hoping it will be a long time until you have sex but when you do … Use a condom. Yes, every time. Even if she’s on the pill.  Be responsible for your “stuff.”  

NO MEANS NO.  No matter when it’s said or how it’s said.  If you or she are drunk or high, that’s a no too.

5. Please follow these simple rules about the women in your life.

  • Look into her eyes and talk to her directly, not just by text.
  • Ask her how she feels, and listen and care.
  • Respect her limits when she says no.
  • Don’t pressure her to do things she is hesitant about or not ready for.
  • Don’t try to be the big guy in the eyes of your friends at her expense.
  • Don’t spread gossip or rumors about her. Protect her reputation.
  • Remember that people change as they grow and they don’t forget how you treated them.
  • Never forget that your reputation as a gentleman is part of your character. You build it as you grow.
  • Make yourself proud.

Women are your equals. It’s that simple.

So, remind your buddies of this.  Take the lead.  Raise money for a battered women’s shelter.  Show women that you care about the causes that affect them.  Boys, I know you and your friends can help change these terrible statistics.

Love Mom