As you know, I’ve just barely started running after a 3+ month injury.  And, in trying to survive this (temporary) life change, I’ve started doing everything else: biking, swimming and lifting weights. But, no matter how hard I try, my little arms (as my kids like to say, “little hot dogs”) are not getting much more muscular.  “Thank You” to my friends who’ve tried to be sympathetic and say how I look more “muscular” – but, we all know I’m really not.

Why didn’t I get the body that grows muscle?  That’s the body I wanted.  Can I turn this one in for a new one?  Ahh yes, right now you’re wondering how I can complain when I’m already “thin.”  But, let me tell you something; being thin doesn’t mean I love my body any more than you may love yours.

Seriously, how many of you look in the mirror and see more wrong than right?  We think if we were thinner, lighter, darker, or had different hair, we’d be happy and love ourselves.  Bull****.   Happiness and beauty isn’t about how you look or how much you weigh.  It’s not about your hair style or your clothes.  It’s about how you feel in your own skin – from the inside out. You can work out like a maniac, develop all the muscles you want, look “perfect” — but if you’re not happy on the inside, nothing else works.

My favorite example is the couple that looks physically mismatched but is so in love.  True love.  Why? Because all love starts from the inside – and they obviously get it.

So, how are we going to get to this nirvana?  I’ve got no freaking idea! 🙂

1. Forgiveness

Let’s start with forgiveness. Guilt and shame about how we look is filled with negative energy.  It spirals and makes us feel more guilty and shamed.  Forgive yourself the bowl of ice cream.  Love that little roll around the middle.  I’m not saying don’t exercise or eat healthy foods.  You know that’s my thing.  But allow yourself the freedom to get unstuck from the negative tapes about how you look and focus on what’s inside.

2. Love Yourself.

I’ve been stuck many times in my life because I didn’t love myself.  I put my value on others and when they stomped on me I was crushed.  What I wished I had done was realize that their holding of the mirror on me was actually a total reflection of them. You are beautiful and wonderful.  Say it!

3. Self-care

If you feel tired, sleep.  If you feel stressed, go for a walk, find a friend, kiss your partner (unless he/she is causing the stress!).  You know what I mean.  Fix the unbalance in your life.  You know exactly where it is.

Remember that when you look in the mirror you don’t see the inside beauty that we all see.  So, take a look with a new eye.  Reclaim your inherent worth and value – rolls, wrinkles and all.

Have an amazing weekend!