This is what happened to someone I know.  Her family was there and it was peaceful.  I guess since we’ll all have to “go,” this is the way to do it.  But life’s unpredictable and sometimes life (and death) happens suddenly.  Sometimes there’s no chance at good-bye.  Sometimes there’s no planning ahead.  So, I’ve asked myself recently: “Am I ready?”

That’s a huge question.

First, I have kids and how can one say good-bye to their kids?  Don’t you feel your heart breaking just thinking about it?  This week I was running (finally) with a friend and I said: If I died today, and I don’t want to, but if I did, would my kids be ready?  I found my focus was not on me but on them.  Mine seem too young for me to go. But they’re really great people.  They have their issues (we all do).  But, their core being is there.  Plus, I have amazing people in my life who would step in and help them as they moved along their paths.  So, are they ready?  No, but yes.

Have I experienced all that I want to experience?  That’s a big one too.  I’m so incredibly thankful for what I’ve done thus far.  Is anything else just icing on the cake?  Do I want to travel?  Sure.  Do I want to finish a marathon without an injury?  No question. Do I want to meet all my grandchildren? YES!  But have I been lucky so far?  Can I appreciate what I’ve got? Certainly. And as a result, I can say that I’ve experienced all I need to.

Have I made my mark here?  Some lasting effect to make this a better place?  I’m not sure.  But I try to do something every day so I’m at least headed in that direction.  My new idea: a business model that includes a focus on helping people who have the passion and drive to help others.  One small step for mankind …

Here are the things I try to do every day to be “ready:”

  • Be the first to say, “Hello.”
  • Be kinder than necessary.
  • Don’t screw someone for your benefit.
  • Give someone a second chance – but not a third.
  • Share your knowledge – you’ll become immortal.
  • Fill your life with smart people.
  • Listen  – with your ears.
  • Love until it hurts.
  • Appreciate the hurt.

So – are you ready? If the answer is no, look at how you’re spending your time.  Are you giving all the love you can?  It’s a must.  Are you satisfied with your life experiences?  If not, do something about that – now. Do you feel stuck? Make a move. If’ you’re ok with your life – be thankful.  Are you doing a small act every day?  Tiny or big … a mark is a mark.

When our time comes, I do think we’ll be ready. How? By not taking life for granted (however imperfect) and being thankful for what we’ve got. It’s actually really pretty simple. 🙂

Have an amazing week my friends!