As is always the case when someone dies—the coming together of people who have known a person at all stages of their life is so moving and poignant, that it becomes a deeply powerful experience.

Today I went to a funeral of a man who lived more than most.  He did some amazing things.  But as I sat there and listened to the sharing of stories and memories, I realized that it wasn’t about all the “things” he’d done or the businesses he’d built – it was about something more.

One of the eulogies given today was from a good friend who shared stories of their friendship.  As I listened to him I could feel the entire sanctuary fill with love.  You could hear it in his voice, how he looked out at the congregation, and with the words he shared.  As he sat down, all that kept coming to my mind was –

It is all about the love.

Every moment, every encounter, every experience we choose to have—is about love.

It’s the love of the smallest of moments.  It’s about being together and holding hands. It’s about hugs from our children. It’s about sitting at a table, having dinner with our closest friends.  It’s about beautiful sunsets and sunrises with those we love.  These are the moments that we’ll remember in our final days.  And, it’s these moments that others will remember about us.

We won’t remember the money in our pockets.  We won’t remember the fight we had last week.  We won’t remember the person who did something that hurt us.  No, when we take that final breath all that we will feel is love and all that will be felt about us is love.

So, tonight I’m sending my love to anyone who is going through a dark time.  I want to fill their heart with the love in my heart.  I want to help the person that no one wants to help.  I want to smile at everyone I know and unquestionably those I don’t know. I want to appreciate the moment I got frustrated with the clothes on the floor of my boys’ rooms.  I want to enjoy the ability to work and just experience life.

While I wish it didn’t take a funeral to do this, I plan to take some time to bask in the love I saw and felt today.  It reminded me that we should love every experience.  We should love every person who is in every moment of our lives.  And, we should love even those moments that feel sad, because, at the very least, we are able to experience an actual moment.

Open yourself up, be vulnerable, and you will see that there’s nothing more important than the message I heard today about life and death –

It is all about the love.

Have an amazing weekend!