I’ve not written in a while.  Just enjoying having everyone home, working, playing with friends – you know the drill.  And in this long hiatus, I’ve had some cool experiences but one happened yesterday and I felt like I wanted to share it.

As you know, I avoid political or religious discourse here and I don’t name names, pass judgment (other than on myself), etc. But love is love (regardless of sex, gender, type of relationship, etc.) and yesterday, I got a reminder of just how beautiful it can be.

I was ending my day at the grocery store and as I walked out – I saw two guys holding hands in front of me.  They stopped for a second and started hugging.  I could see they were crying. As I walked by I asked if they were ok or if they needed anything.  I said that I usually am crying in grocery stores (it’s where I find I miss my daughter the most!) and that it was nice to see I’m not the only grocery store crier.

They shared with me that they had known each other in college, but life took them away from one another.  By a quirk of fate and a death, they came back together last year.  They’ve been inseparable ever since. Last week, one was diagnosed with cancer.  Likely a rough road and low survival rate.  At the moment I saw them crying, one had said to the other “No matter what happens, my soul will be with your soul forever.”  Hearing that made me cry too.

We chatted awhile and then I left. As I drove home I realized that there are no walls when there’s love.  There’s no right or wrong.  There’s nothing one can’t do, when they have love. There’s power and joy and peace when there’s love.  And when you lose the person you love, the love still stays with you.

Let’s agree that this world would be a better place if we put love in front of fear and greed and power.  I have never had more powerful feelings than when I’ve been in love or felt love.  Yesterday my son said to my daughter, “I wish you would come back again for another summer because I love having you home.”  Her response, “I love you too.” Powerful.

So, what’s the message here?  For me it was that when the time is right, certain things will happen to you. You’ll meet the right person, you’ll find the right job, or you’ll have a moment where time stops for a second and you’ll know that is reaching the pinnacle of love.  And even if the person is taken from  you – the love never leaves your soul.

I realized that love is so powerful, that even a brief minute watching it in a grocery store parking lot, can stay with you a lifetime.

Enjoy the love all around you this beautiful weekend.