Yesterday I went to get my glasses fixed and just outside, on the sidewalk, were four people.  Two with dark glasses on and two with eye patches.  The looked stuck and I probably shouldn’t have but I went over to see if they needed help.  They thanked me profusely (one explaining to the two with patches that they will get help from people all the time and to try to be gentle with the “helpers” even if they don’t need help).  Then, they explained their situation:

The two with eye patches were learning to be blind … because – as sad as this sounds – they were going blind.  They were learning what their new life would be like. How to walk down the street.  How to find a door.  How to know when the cars were crossing and they shouldn’t.  I cry just typing this and I cried when I got into my car.  How I so take for granted seeing the smirk on a kids face when I make a suggestion or the eye rolling when I ask about the wet towel (yes they are still there) on their floor.  I take for granted the leaves moving in the wind.  The beauty of the world whizzing by me.  How tragic.  How heartbreaking.

But life is about adjustments.  The new normal in life, right?  Sometimes we leave a bad job or bad relationship and we get to a new normal.  Maybe there is a lot of pain for a while, but we adjust.

My aunt is dying (my mother’s only remaining sibling) and I went to see her recently.  I was fine until I left to go to the airport and I just sobbed at the realization that it could be the last time I see her or she recognizes me.  Life’s adjustments are required but they still really hurt.

But these changes bring new beauty.  These amazing people on the street told me that as their sight was leaving they were developing new senses.  They were experiencing a new part of life.  They told me that they really were ok as I was obviously feeling upset about it all.  How interesting that they were reassuring me.

So, in my oh so awkward way I just want to remind you (and me) that the “life adjustments” we’ll experience today, tomorrow or the next can (and likely will) bring some pain, but with it also comes some beauty.  People come into our lives and they go.  And that’s sad.  Our health changes.  And that’s sad too.  But we are still so lucky to be here for whatever moments we are granted, regardless of whether we experience them with sight or not.

Have an amazing day.  XOXO