I’ve not been paying attention lately.  A lot on my plate and focused on not being focused.  But today I went to the grocery store  – which oddly enough was busy – to pick up a few things.  I was in the hot food area and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a woman who was taking something from every tray and putting it in her container.  Then, she’d taste a tiny bit of it and make a sound as if it was the best thing she’d ever eaten. I became fixated on watching her (I know – totally rude – but I couldn’t help myself).

Eventually, she came toward me and as she did, I suggested some balsamic beets, which I knew were very good.  She smiled at me and asked if her “odd” behavior was noticeable.  I pretended that I didn’t know what she was talking about when her sister walked up to us.  Apparently, the tasting-woman had just gotten out of jail yesterday. She’d been in almost three years.  During that time, she’s gotten clean and this was her first trip to the grocery store.  Wow. An activity I take for granted and sometimes just don’t want to do – was a totally amazing experience for her.

She told me about her past life and her (hopefully) future life.  She said that she was thankful for getting a second chance.  And, although she was so excited for dinner later in the day, she just couldn’t resist trying everything that was in front of her.  She reminded me how easy it is to miss the beauty of a hot food bar!

How many times do we need a reset and we don’t take it?  How many times do things happen to us that take our breath away but the next week we are back where we were before it happened?  This beautiful and joy-filled woman was getting a new beginning and she planned to take it.

What a wonderful reminder to me of the grace of g-d and the goodness of people.  And – thank you to ____[whomever], for opening my ever-so-busy mind and heart to meet this woman and experience her first trip to the grocery store in a long time.

I’m grateful for today, for you, for my life’s trials and for my wonderful family. I’m off for my traditional movie and Chinese food with my dad.  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.