My boys start their senior year tomorrow and as many people have said – I’m marching toward empty-nestville. I could tell you how happy I am for them (I am!), how much I will be crying this coming year (I will!), but I’m starting the beginning of the new and I’m not sure where it will lead me. So, I’ll start by writing to them:


You’re now officially seniors in high school. I think it’s just hitting me. Tomorrow we’ll take our last “first day” picture with your sister and you’ll be on your way.  Soon you’ll be experiencing your last homecoming, you’ll take your last walk in the hallways where you’ve been for the past four years, and then you’ll be walking across the stage to receive your diploma. I know it’s exciting and it’s easy to miss it all as it speeds by. But there are a few things I want to remind you to pay attention to this year:

  1. Appreciate the moments: You probably don’t think you’ll miss sitting in class on a sunny day when you’d like to be out playing ball or eating lunch with your friends, but you will. Don’t get me wrong, there are so many amazing things you’ll experience in college. But take the time to appreciate high school while you’re still here. It really won’t ever be this easy.
  2. Hang with your friends and family:  The reality is that this is the last year you will see your family and high school friends everyday. Even when you bicker with or get tired of the people in your life, deep down you know that they love you and have your back. Leaving them will be difficult. Make an effort to spend more time with them while you can. Plan get-togethers with your “guys.” These friends have been with you the longest – from kindergarten to graduation. Be safe but make the most of it.
  3. Go to all the school events you canEnjoy prom, enjoy football games, Legacy Day, events with your friends…enjoy it all! You only get to do it once more like this.
  4. Say Thanks: This is the last year to tell any friends, teachers or other people in your life how much they mean to you or to acknowledge all that they have done for you. When you feel that sense of gratitude, don’t hesitate to express it.
  5. Senioritis is realGuys, senioritis is totally normal and you don’t need to feel guilt-ridden if you loosen your grip a little. It’s OK to not be perfect. Expect it to happen and enjoy this time – you’ve made it!
  6. Stop worrying about college: College is going to happen and if you worry your time away, you’ll worry away your senior year. Trust me. You’ll end up at just the right college and it will be perfect. Just don’t let senior year fly by without you noticing.

Have a great year, young grasshoppers. It will be the best one yet! Love you guys!