Today is the day. The change I’ve been dreading and excited for. It’s my job, right? My job to make sure that they got through school, as unscathed as possible, and off to college.

We spend years just getting through each year. We celebrate the start of the year with photos and signs and we end the year with photos, signs and a sense of relief that summer is here. We rarely think about a time when they won’t be at home every day. We’re just trying to get through the day!

I need change. We need change.

When we don’t have change — when we keep going every day, doing the same thing, we lose track of time. It’s like the movie Groundhog’s Day, right? The same thing over and over … and very forgettable.

I use these life markers to take a moment (and a box of Kleenex!) and experience my life, my family and my friends. Change causes me to stop and live in the moment.

Everything good in life happens as a result of change – even when that change is the result of something painful.

If nothing changed, we would never develop a personality, memories, awareness of others, the world and ourselves. We’d never experience heartbreak, love, fear, joy, happiness, all of those emotions and experiences that are a result of change and experiencing change.

My son and I are always talking about how fast time goes. I told him that time slows down for me is when I’m experiencing change. When I have to struggle to sort through what is happening and focus on every minute and every decision. That’s when I’m the most present. When nothing is happening, when there’s no change, time flies by without my noticing it.

Let’s be honest: we ignore or forget most of what happens to us. Instead, we focus on a few particular moments: the peaks, the pits, and the transitions. This is my point – we need the peaks, the pits and the transitions to stop and enjoy the moment of time.

Some moments will always be vastly more meaningful and memorable than others. Like today for me. As recipients of change, we understand this – but as creators of experiences, we ignore it.

Think about it – we spend weekend after weekend with our kids, but in our memory all those times blend together. It’s the little moments, the moments of change, doing something different – those are the ones that matter. They are the  ones we remember. Today’s moment will matter for me.

So, E and S – I love you. I’m so excited for the next part of our lives together as a family and to watch your individual lives change. Try to experience every change you can. It will create new memories and cool new relationships.

So, with some already used Kleenex, I say congratulations boys! You done good and I’m a super proud mom! XOXO