You graduate from college today, I should be writing about hard work, being present, new experiences … but I can’t.

I’ve had so many life changes recently that maybe I want to give you my thoughts on how I got through it all. It’s how I move through life. It’s how I leave my footprint each day.

  • Beauty – Each day is filled with beauty. When we’ve got our heads down only focusing on our goals, we miss the gorgeousness of the trees, the sparkling stars and the smiles of people when you smile at them. Keep looking for the beauty in every day. It’s there even when it feels dark.
  • Rest – Rest your body and your mind. Believe me, this is one of my struggles and I’ve had to learn to become more intentional with my rest and self-care. Watching my dad’s body fail with his mind still in tact was powerful. Take care of you.
  • Peace – You can only find peace inside of you. As you run through life, chasing dreams, accomplishments or being anxious about the future, you’ll miss out on the incredible gift of peace. Try to find it in your heart each day. Don’t rush all the time.
  • Relationships – Sometimes we think a person will be there forever. But many times, this person is just there to pass through for a period of time. It’s difficult to let go of relationships but you know in your heart who is there for some life period and who is there for the long haul. Don’t fear letting go. Know that each person who passes through will leave a footprint on your life and you on them.
  • Honesty (self honesty) – This is the toughest one. I’m talking about internal honesty. If we are not internally honest about who we are and what we need, then we can never be externally honest. Stop. Listen to your heart. Be ok with you. As you get older, you realize that what really matters is being comfortable in our own skin. That’s true internal honesty.

Yesterday, I met a woman. She was trying to keep her kids from running away in different directions. She looked like she was going to cry. I helped her corral her kids and get them in their stroller. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and told me that no one helped her in those moments when she felt helpless. We hugged (because why not!). As I left, I was struck by her momentary step into and out of my life, the beauty of that experience and how easy it would have been for me to be more focused on getting to my next stop rather than helping her. She left a mark on my life. That’s what I mean, honey. Your footprint matters and you can’t leave it when you’re spinning on that bike (metaphor) with your feet off the ground!

Life is beautiful. Enjoy this moment today Lovie. It’s one of many to come.