Some of you know I was a consistent blogger in the past. In fact, I blogged every day of my 50th year. It was a joy and a challenge. I met the most incredible people and had the most amazing experiences of my life. Turning 50 just felt like something I wanted to chronicle.

I want to do the same thing now, but if feels different this time. Back then, I had kids at home and my father was alive and life felt f***ing crazy. Now, my kids are gone and my father is no longer on this earth but something is tugging at me and while life is still a bit of a shit show it’s a different kind.

My friends are all writing about being “empty nesters.” I suppose that’s true for me too. But, I don’t love those words. They imply that something is missing. Sure, the kids are gone but I don’t like to think about something feeling empty. Rather, I like to think of it as a reset.

I’ve had a lot of resets in my life. Some were hard resets (like I have to do too often to my iPhone) and some have been soft resets. In fact, there were times that I didn’t know I was resetting until I looked back.

Right now, just when I was looking forward to traveling, going out with friends and working out whenever I wanted, I’m watching my daughter’s dog (Lily). She moved to Chicago for a 10 month program, but promises to take the dog next year. Fingers crossed!

I wish I could say I will have some great insights into what a reset looks like and how to move from one to another. But so far, I don’t have any. All I know is that the stars glitter in the night sky, and the sunset is just as beautiful, regardless of the status of my reset.

I hope you’ll join me. Share your wisdom. Tell me about the sheer beauty that is coupled with the heartbreak that you experience in this thing called life. I’m looking forward to the power of my reset(s).

In peace,