This is the license plate of an F150 red Ford truck on my daily dog walk. It makes me smile each time I see it. It’s a smile I normally need at that point in our walk (because I am usually tired of dragging the freaking dog who is trying to sniff every blade of grass!). But, seriously, how cool for someone to actually put it on a plate – and a Ford truck at that!

What does that mean – you are loved? It’s a pretty broad statement. I suppose one could argue that it means that there is “some other” something that loves you. I guess that’s true. But I like to think of it broadly – I am loved by myself, by others, and frankly, by the dog!

But let’s be honest, in the total f***ing insanity of the world these last few years, these three little words hold so much meaning. They give us life. They give us hope and happiness. They make us feel worthy.

These words have the power to change someone’s life. I can’t tell you how many times I meet someone, and start up a conversation about nothing, only to have it turn to a conversation about something deep and important. I often (keep your eye rolling down S, S and E (my kids)) end up hugging the stranger and saying something like – I love you or you are loved. We never know what is happening in someone else’s head nor do we know just how much people need to hear these words on any given day.

I once dated a guy who said, “If you say I love you too much, it won’t have meaning.” Clearly, that was a bad freaking relationship … 🙂

I hope us (and our children) can see the love all around. Because when you are exhausted or frustrated (or have a crazy ass dog), or need a break, you need to walk by a truck with a plate that says urlovd. Or just think about it. It will lighten your load for just a moment (or longer), which I guess was this person’s successful intention with his license plate. I love it. I’m going to walk by it tomorrow.