I’m not sure I even need to write anything. The title speaks for itself.

I know I have hit a new low when my watch thinks that I am doing some kind activity when I’m really just holding a small green bag and bending down. This means one of two things (maybe more than two, but I’m afraid to go farther): (1) I maybe need to listen to my friends and get on a dating web site; or (2) I need more hobbies other than work and poop detail. I think the latter is more realistic!

I was initially against getting one of these “watches” that track your every move (although it saved me when I had the coyote incident … to be blogged later). But, I’ve gotten the hang of it and it helps me when I’m swimming and lose track of my laps – which is a frequent occurrance.

The truth is that fitness and health apps are taking over our lives. None of which does much for our life balance, which clearly is another topic. I get that these apps give us a lot of control. But, they also lead us to constantly look at our phones, our wrists and to find one more thing to obsess about. I think we have a major problem here!

I remember a friend of mine freaking out when the battery in his step counter was dying. He. Could. Not. Function. I told him that freedom from his watch could change his life. We didn’t talk much after that. 🙂

Look, I don’t mind counting the three + miles I walk the dog each morning. I need the sanity of knowing that we’ve gone far enough so I can get some freaking work done while she’s sleeping! So, maybe (in a way) I use my mileage counter for my own freedom from Lily wanting to play, if only for a few hours.

Anyway, the “record a walk” when I bent down with the bag was a good reminder that life might be passing me by … one poop bag at a time. Reset. To. Be. Continued.