I still have a bit of PTSD from this experience and it actually colors every single walk I take with Lily.

In mid-August I was walking my dog at the Perpich Arts High School – a place I’d taken her for two years. People go there and let their dog off leash to chase balls in the soccer field.

I’d seen coyotes there before but they usually retreated behind the fence in the woods. This day I saw one and decided to go behind the high school rather than the soccer field. I took Lily off leash and threw the ball a few times. For some reason, I happened to turn around and found that we were surrounded by three coyotes. They were close – like 20 feet. They were coming toward us and clearly wanted Lily.

I dropped Lily’s leash (I just was not thinking) and ran to Lily – all the while screaming at the coyotes. I guess I thought being loud would get them to stop. It did not. They just kept advancing towards us and since I didn’t have Lily’s leash I needed to keep her near me. I knew if she veered from my side, they would kill her. The thought of it right now still affects me. I remember thinking how was I going to stop them if they attacked her? What was I going to tell my daughter about her dog? I was completely panic stricken.

We started running and by the grace of g-d she ran along side of me. I think she could sense something was wrong or maybe she thought we were playing. It seemed like a crazy nightmare and I kept looking back to see if I was hallucinating. I was not. They kept chasing us. By this point they were approximately 15 feet on three sides of us. They could have attacked us but I was screaming so much, which must have kept them from jumping us.

Despite my best efforts to yell, throw my phone and bag, they didn’t stop. They chased us around the school and into the parking lot at which point I grabbed Lily’s collar and ran across a very busy Hwy. 55 in rush hour traffic. No one – not one person – stopped to help me.

Ever since then, no matter where I am, I scan for coyotes. I just can’t seem to shake it. I heard that a neighbor across the RR tracks had her dog mauled by a coyote – right in their front yard. Horrible.

Not sure I’m a good dog sitter (well, clearly I’m not if I almost got my dog killed), but I do know that I have a special bond with this crazy ass dog . This will haunt me for awhile. I better stick to the dog park.

Be careful everyone!