I’ve had some bad mom moments. Like seriously bad. Like one time when I couldn’t reach my son at college and I literally called the campus police and had them track him down. Nothing like the campus police walking into your baseball practice to tell you that your mom is looking for you. Yup. Bad mom moment. But here’s the thing, they don’t respond. Well my daughter generally will but the boys – just no freaking way.

Wait a minute. They do respond in the following situations:

  1. When they need an Xfinity code and it comes to my cell phone number;
  2. When they want money in their Venmo account;
  3. When giving me their “orders” for the food I’ll make and bring up for them;
  4. Anything related to money or credit cards; or
  5. To tell me that the large charge on the credit card for a keg will be reimbursed to them by their friends.

To be fair, one of them was sober enough on the morning of my birthday, to wish me a great day. He likely was still drunk but his sister is a good “reminder” person and I know she “reminded” them. The other … well it took him 3/4ths of the day to read her text message so that he could be reminded to send me a text message!

I know they are not too busy to pick up their phones because the data usage proves that the phone is operational.

Recently I started sending Snap Chats of the dog. And while they responded at first with “cute” or “aww” – even that’s stopped.

So, what’s a mom to do? Well, she can write a blog post about them and then SEND IT directly to them. Or, she can Facetime them so her face comes up on their screen over and over again until they answer.

Yes, I can do those things (and I will) but I’m going to go a step further. When they come home on break, I’m going to have them install the app “Reply ASAP.” This will make their phones ring when I call, even when its on silent with a message “Reply ASAP” that continues to pop up on the screen until he responds. I’m excited just thinking about it! Got any other ideas here?

To Be Continued.