I’m in a boot and not moving as quickly as I would like so I decided to take our “energetic” dog to a dog park. Let me give you my initial observations:

  1. What’s with the gate locks? They are so complicated. What happened to the latches we used on gates in the “old days.” I was so confused by the circles that needed to be lifted and moved that someone had to come over and let us in. Clearly an engineering degree was needed there.
  2. You must move through the gates quickly. Two dogs ran out of the inner gate once I opened it trying to drag Lily in. Like an escape from prison – they were not going to be stopped/ Of course, there was still a second gate and no way were they getting out of that one because who can figure out how to open it anyway??
  3. There is a lot of butt sniffing. Enough said.
  4. I was wrong. I didn’t stand around and watch her. It was a mad dash trying to keep up with her. It would have been easier to take her on a lease for a walk! In fact, at one point she came up to me and looked up – hoping I would put her leash on and take her back to the car! What’s wrong with this ac/dc dog? She want’s out. She wants in. She wants to run. She wants to go home. She wants in the car. She won’t get out of the car. It’s exhausting!
  5. It felt like a dog form of Costco. Way too big but a lot of things to look at – but way too overwhelming. She just wanted to smell every blade of grass but her butt was getting sniffed all the time and that made her want to run (It made me want to run!). It was a simple way for Lily to meet new “people.”

If only it was that easy for humans and we simply sniffed each other to determine whether we wanted to be friends. 🙂