It’s got 4 legs. A cute nose. And loves me and I love her. But I lost it today. Too much of the in, out, walk, no walk, fussy, but won’t play with the 10,000 balls I have here at the house. Today was an exercise in patience.

What’s crazy is I raised three kids (and they tested me – and still do!) but they understood English. I’m pretty certain that Lily’s vocabulary is quite limited and she doesn’t understand half the shit I’m saying to her.

When I realized I was losing it, I decided to find some “me” time. I thought maybe Lily and I are getting sick of one another (month one out of 10!). So, I went outside to do some work. She barked until she followed me outside. Then, she ate some of the paper towels I was using to clean. So, I went inside to do some work. She barked until she was allowed to follow me back inside. Then she tried to eat one of my socks. Do you see what I’m saying??!!

So, I turned on the camera, gave her a treat and went for a drive. She slept. Then when I came home – chaos again. So, I put her in the car and took her to the park for a walk. We got there, get out of the car and she refuses to move. I mean it. Refuses to move. So, I put her back in the car and go home. She got out of the car, ran to the neighbors and grabbed their kids’ ball at which point I had to chase her before she killed it! I am not sure if she’s training me or I’m failing her!

By this point I needed a cocktail and chocolate!

It is now 7:39 p.m. she sleeping. I’m exhausted. Thank g-d for doggie daycare. She’s headed there tomorrow.

Love this dog, but some days … 🙂

Have a great start to your week!