Working from home has been interesting. For one, I have an entire wardrobe that is getting dusty. Additionally, and most importantly, I’m learning a lot of stupid shit that I could have gone an entire life time not knowing.

  1. Squirrels hide nuts in the ground. Look, I’ve not taken a lot of time to examine what squirrels do in the fall. I hear them eating and cracking but true confessions, I likely thought of them like bears … they just eat them all and get fat and then live on that for the winter. DO NOT JUDGE ME on this one. 🙂 However, I’ve noticed, of late, that there are a lot of “holes” in my lawn. Today, while I was looking out the bathroom window (don’t ask), I watched a squirrel start to bury something. I literally heard myself say “Hey, what are you doing?” and for a split second, my dog looked up and the squirrel looked up. Time stopped. Then, the nonplussed squirrel simply went back to digging. WTF? I quickly triggered Google so I could understand what I was seeing. Honestly, this was a total time suck for about 45 minutes. In my DT office, I would not be watching squirrels.
  2. My dog farts.
  3. There is dust under my book shelf.
  4. Woodpeckers are really dumb. Almost every morning a woodpecker tries to find food in the wood siding of my house. I hear and I see it. When this happens we have a few options. Put an owl on your roof (how the hell am I going to do that??); listen to them while the hunt for bugs or grubs; or three (my favorite choice) bang the walls and go outside and scream. They do this pecking almost Every. Single. Morning. The other day, it was pecking at my metal gutters. Really? Gonna find a bug there?? They are pissing me off.
  5. That trying to make a tiktok on your own is not that interesting at my old(er) age. It’s also a time suck.
  6. That my daughter was right and my failing to push in a chair would result in my tripping and falling in an unpretty way. 🙂

If you feel so inclined, let me know if you’ve learned anything new. I would much rather learn second-hand!