The other morning I got a snapchat with a TikTok from one of my kids. It was an Italian guy talking about his dog or his mom’s dog … I’m not sure. But every other word in his thick NY accent was f***. They said that the video sounded just like me. It did. I was laughing so hard, that I was crying. I would post it here if I didn’t think some of you might think it was over the top (but who the f*** and I kidding – if you know me, and put up with my language – this video would not be offensive!).

I guess, if someone were to say what word(s) did you use to raise your kids, some might say – “she used the word f***.” And that wouldn’t be too far from the truth!

However, included with that word were three other words that I always had in my mind when I was talking with my three. I’m not sure if I ever articulated it to them or I just pushed the ideas in my own Italian/Jewish way. 🙂

I have always lived by kindness, hard work, honesty. Those words form the basis for everything I do. Whether it is for my clients, my friends or my family. It is these words that I use to make a positive personal impact on the world. While I believe that your personal impact should be uniquely you, I believe that kindness, hard work and honesty (or integrity) is enough for any successful personal brand. 

Being an honest giver not a taker, and being a hard worker – are the clearest characteristics that you’ll find in most successful people. I know I’ve made that statement to the kids. whether they listened or hot,

If the foundation of your personal brand is honesty, integrity, generosity and hard work, you will be unlikely to go wrong – whether you choose to become a doctor, a lawyer or the lawn maintenance person.

So, to my kids – please remember, no matter how unique and creative your personal brand, if it is not built on a strong foundation of kindness, hard work and honesty, in the long run, you’re going no where.