Felt like a win today when two of my three kids called me and both just wanted to chat! It is such a joy to talk with them about normal life things – know what I mean? It’s also particularly amazing they called since they don’t freaking respond to text messages (unless there is a picture of the dog in there!).

A few days ago I posted about some ways in which I think about parenting my adult children. I have a few other ideas:

I’m retiring. I’ve learned that I don’t need to continue to be the CEO of the family, that I needed to be when they were growing up. I’m retiring from that position and I’m becoming an independent contractor with a consultant focus. This phase of life with them is not about being in charge but about offering expert advice and guidance (mostly when asked but sometimes when not asked!)

I’m staying open and watching that Italian/Jewish judgement thing. I’m no longer going to tell someone what they should do. Instead I’m am going to be more of a sounding board. I want to create an atmosphere in which my children always can feel that they can talk to me. There were so many times that I wanted advice from my father. But, there were as many times that I just needed and wanted a sounding board. I also need to sharpen up my poker face. My dad had a good one!

One thing I haven’t done that I need to do is have regular family calls. I know once I start them they will eventually feel more natural. But, right now my kids seem busy and I hate to interrupt them. Yet, I know that what I start, they will continue and this is an important one on my list. I gotta do this!

I don’t know about any of you, but on a daily basis, for this thing we call life … well, I’m clearly just flying by the seat of my skirt! đŸ™‚ Advice welcome!