“I used to walk like a giant on the land. Now I feel like a leaf floating in a stream.” Neal Young

I’m at the close of the outdoor pool season. Today, rather than swim, I just jogged in the deep end of the pool. It gave me a chance to look around and feel the weather changing while I was protected by the warmer water. I noticed that there were leaves just beautifully laying flat – just floating in the water. It made me think about a time when I won’t ever see the leaves or the trees as I do now. I remember thinking about that when my mother died.

The peacefulness of the leaf was just exquisite. A deep yellow with golden edges – not being bothered by the waves I was making. Why don’t I have those kinds of peaceful moments? Why don’t I take the time to just float in the quiet of the pool? Honestly, I think it’s because I’ve not really valued taking that time.

Yes, I love spending time with my kids, family and my friends. Focusing on them and what we are experiencing. But maybe it’s my fear of “missing” something or not getting something done, which prevents me from just quietly taking the time to float. And, I don’t mean actual floating in the pool, although I did try that today. I mean taking the time to do nothing. Say nothing. Maybe even think nothing. Maybe floating is like an acquired test – like the opera. 🙂

I don’t regret that I have not in the past valued that time. I embrace that I now am thinking about it! Positive over regrets!

Maybe this is one of the after effects of the Covid-19 lockdown. I read that the lockdown produced the quietest year for the world’s oceans in recent memory. It makes sense because we know that noise pollution from ship engines, trawling activities, oil platforms, subsea mining and other human sources declined significantly last spring … (but I digress)!

Spending quiet time alone gives our mind an opportunity to renew itself and create order. It allows us to examine our lives openly and honestly. This year, I need to do more “floating” – even during those times when I am walking crazy dog! In fact, I’m going to start tomorrow!