I met a woman in the locker room after my swim yesterday (nothing like someone engaging you in a conversation as you are naked and desperately trying to get dressed!). She lived in Russia for many years. She and her husband moved here 10 years ago He died last year. I was asking her how she got started in water aerobics (the class has about 40+ people each time I see them and they are having a blast!).

She told me that when her husband died, she wanted to die too. Her son came for a bit but had to go back to his life and family. She just locked herself up on her house and hardly went out. A friend told her about this class but she didn’t want to go. With complete persistence by her friend, she tried it. She. Was. Hooked. She said it kept her alive during those first few months after his death.

I wondered if the class was one big friendship group as they seemed that way. She smiled and said to me, “There are people that are fun to be with. And you should have them in your life. There are people, usually just 3 or 4, that make your life.” We went on to talk about friends and life and frankly, much as I LOVE the outdoor pool, this conversation really was what made my day.

This conversation was a poignant reminder (on a day I said goodbye to my friend who had been here for a visit), that you need to nurture the most important relationships in your life. Money, things, houses, jobs, come and go. But love and friends and family – well, that’s what keeps us going.

Hug (even virtually!) a friend today!

If you go looking for a friend, you’re going to find they’re very scare. If you go out to be a friend, you’ll find them everywhere.” Zig Ziglar