I have no idea why I thought this would be fun.

The object of a survivor pool is to choose one game each week in the NFL and decide the winner. If you win, you move on and cannot choose that team for the remainder of the season. If you lose, you are eliminated. Survivor pools have popped up everywhere and everyone is doing them (who is “everyone”?). There are massive $1 leagues, small $50 leagues, even smaller $1,000 leagues. They say this there is something for everyone in survivor pools. Who the f*** is “they” and “everyone?”

Every week I start getting emails … “choose your team” “you have to choose your team” “you only have until XX to choose your team” “you haven’t chosen your team.” Leave. Me. Alone. I’m getting to it! I generally stall until my friend sends me a text at the end of the week … then I know I’ve got to get a plan.

Here’s my plan for week 4.

  1. Don’t read blogs on which team to choose.
  2. Don’t look at the odds.
  3. Don’t look at who is winning.
  4. Don’t look at who is playing at home.

Let’s keep this a secret, but here’s how I picked my team this week:

  1. I picked a team that was playing at a time I was not going to miss a Hallmark movie I want to watch.
  2. I didn’t pick my favorite team. That’s a double stressor.
  3. I picked the color of the uniforms I like.
  4. I picked one which had a stadium name with a food I like.

So, I choose the Saints this week.

  1. Playing during the day.
  2. Not GB Packers.
  3. Black uniforms.
  4. Caesars Stadium.

Let’s pray I win this week. Because I love ketchup and I can pick Heinz Stadium’s team next week. 🙂 Love this strategery!